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09 mountain church


The Ischler Bergkirche is owned by the Austrian Salinas and was founded in 1985 at a cost of about ATS  600,000.00 (EUR  43,603.70) and the roof was re-covered with larch shingles in 1994. A commemorative publication was published on the occasion of the restoration in 1985. She tells us about the history of the building:

" With kk Deputat order of October 23, 1747 it was agreed, among other things, that a chapel should be erected at the marked location and if it is not possible with less expense, the 500 guilders shown for this purpose may also be used (Resol. Book 1745 - 1750; p . 339), whereupon the chapel was built in 1751.”

According to oral tradition, miners' fines were also used for the construction.

Empress Maria Theresia ordered the building of the chapel. It is known from various historical sources that Luther's forbidden teachings were widespread among the salt workers at the time and that this chapel was intended to strengthen the Catholic faith among the workers again.

Due to the tolerance patent of Emperor Josef II (1781), a more tolerant spirit also returned to the Salzkammergut, especially at the salt pans. The commemorative publication goes on to tell us: “Ever since this chapel was built, the Catholic priest from the Ischler Bergbruderlade has enjoyed two guilders for preaching a sermon on the St. Barbara festival. With the decree of May 1st, 1786, the Salzoberamt Gmunden granted the Protestant pastor von Goisern an annual guilder for the same purpose at the request of the non-Catholic miners.”

The Ischler Bergkirche served both denominations for worship very early on, long before ecumenism brought the Christian churches closer together. Finally, I want to add the verses by Jolanthe Haßlwander:

                            The Miners' Church in Perneck

                                      by Jolanthe Hasslwander


                            I know a little church deep in the forest

                                      on a steep rocky ground,

                            this is the squire's stay

                                      in a prayerful hour!

                            Saint Barbara, the helper in all

                                                                  mountain dangers,

                            stands ready here, with a true mind

                                      to keep the squires.

                            And in front of the beautiful high altar

                                      Mary looks down too

                            and gladly blesses the small crowd,

                                      she hears the miners' songs.

                            In this church silent hat itself pious

                                                         the squires tend

                            and then, strengthened with new courage,

                                      to descend to the layer.


  (Leopold Schiendorfer, Perneck     A village through the ages

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