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Saltworks history of Upper Austria and neighboring Alpine saltworks; Vols. 1 & 2 in a slipcase

with drawings and pit maps

Anton Dicklberger , Thomas Nussbaumer

ISBN: 978-3-99028-791-0
Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 in slipcase
new release

Saltworks history of Upper Austria


Summary volume 1

Anton Dicklberger, Bergmeister Salzbergbau Ischl, received the order from the court chamber in Münz und Bergwesen in 1812 to create a systematic mountain description of the local salt mining with maps. After submitting this elaboration and the large number of documents still available, Dicklberger applied in 1813 to also be allowed to create a history of the salt works in Upper Austria. Upon approval, this two-volume work, divided into eight major parts, covers the period from the year 600 BC to 1000 BC. to the 18th century recorded, completed March 31, 1817. With this work, a basis for further research into the history of the salt pans was created, whereby Anton Dicklberger received a lasting and honorable monument.


Summary volume 2

This volume contains copies of 127 documents covering a period of more than 530 years (1123 to 1656). After historiography at the beginning of the 19th century It was usual to record the sources almost exclusively in their entirety, resulting in a work of more than 660 pages. When entering the supplements, attention was paid to the original spelling due to some difficult-to-understand words, but these were adapted to the spelling of 1817.


Short biography, author Thomas Nussbaumer:

Thomas Nussbaumer, born 1961 in Bad Ischl, accountant, worked for 31 ½ years in finance and accounting at Österreichische Salinen. As supervisor and later administrator of the main library of the salt pans, he was able to acquire a great deal of specialist knowledge about the history of the salt pans.


Thomas Nussbaumer, Bad Ischl on July 24, 2018

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