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25 The mine locomotive:

The Ruhrthal mine locomotive with serial no. 2947, Type G 22, service weight  5,160 kg was made in 1951 by the Ruhrthaler Maschinenfabrik in Mülheim an der Ruhr  / Germany built.

On February 8, 1952, it was delivered to ÖSAG in Bad Ischl and then pulled up from the Au with several teams of oxen and the entire Salzberg workforce to the Maria Theresia tunnel.

Until the Jenbacher mine locomotive was purchased in 1982, the Ruhrthaler was the only locomotive in use both for transporting materials and for visiting the Maria Theresia tunnel.

From 1982 until the cessation of foreign traffic in 2000, the Ruhrthaler served exclusively as a reserve machine.


In August 2009 I was able to buy the Ruhrthal mine locomotive that had been parked for 9 years at the station in the Maria Theresia tunnel.

After a thorough restoration, it is now operational on my property.


I managed to save this rare piece from scrapping and make it accessible to the public.

Good luck for

Eric Ramsauer  

Technical details:

nn_ischler salzberg_ruhrthaler diesellok
nn_ischler salzberg_ruhrthaler diesellok
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