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3 a Rosas waterfalls:


On May 7th, the members of the IG-Mitterbergstollen - Via Salis graveled the approximately 100 meter long path to the "pink waterfalls" in the Perneck district of Bad Ischl, set up the information board and the benches and installed the signposts.


An extraordinarily attractive sight has thus been opened up for Perneck and Bad Ischl.

Figure 1: Rosa's Waterfalls, 2021 IGM

The naming of these cascades, known as "Rosa's waterfalls", is derived from Countess Rosa v. Kolowrat, who really enjoyed visiting this vantage point.
As early as 1809, Johann August Schultes, in his travels through Upper Austria, described "The two waterfalls on the lschler Salzberg" as "a very rewarding game".

pink v Kolowrat

Countess Maria Rosa Johanna v. Kolowrat was born on May 23, 1780 as the daughter of Count Kinsky and married Count Franz Anton von Kolowrat-Liebsteinsky in 1801. The marriage remained childless, Countess Rosa Kolowrat died on March 16, 1842.

rosa von kolowrat.jpg

Figure 2:  Rosa von Kolowrat, Internet Wikipedia

Franz Anton von Kolowrat

Count Franz Anton von Kolowrat-Liebsteinsky, *01/31/1778, +04/04/1861, headed the finance section as Minister of State from 1827 and from 1835, together with Prince Clemens Metternich, was a permanent member of the secret state conference, which from 1836 to 1848 governed government affairs in the led the Habsburg Empire. After Metternich's resignation in 1848 he was the first constitutional prime minister.


Figure 3: Franz Anton von Kolowrat, Internet Wikipedia

The Kolowrat family in the Salzkammergut
In 1830 the Minister of State acquired the "Schlössl am Wolfsbühel", which was called "Schloss Kolowrat" from then on. He was made an honorary citizen of lschl in 1831. The new brewhouse built in lschl in 1834 was named "Graf Kolowrat-Sudwerk". Today's "Adalbert-Stifter-Kai" was called "Kolowrat-Kai" at that time and today's Bahnhofstraße was called "Kolowrat-Allee" in 1837.

Around 1835, Count Kolowrat built a "big Swiss house" on the Hoisenradalm and in 1836 he had a lookout tower built on the "Hohen Perneck". This existed from 1836 to 1863. Since then this mountain peak has been called "Kolowratshöhe".
The connecting road between Strobl and Schwarzenbach, built in 1840, was named "Rosa-Straße" in honor of Countess Rosa von Kolowrat.


Figure 4: Tower on the Kolowratshöhe, Internet Wikipedia

Figure 5: Schweizerhaus Hoisnrad, 1835 JV Reim

Rosa Wasserfälle 1809.jpg

Figure 6: Rosas Waterfalls, 1809 Schultes travel through Upper Austria

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