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The hiking guide to the VIA SALIS Bad Ischl

Concentrated information on 64 pages for the tour.

There are many more details in the hiking guide about the information on the boards by the tunnels:

Historical information about the individual tunnels, geology, faith and church, the inventive spirit of the Salzkammergut people and technology are explained here in depth.


Salt world shop of Salinen Tourismus GmbH in Bad Ischl (Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Straße)

Tourismusverband Bad Ischl, Auböckplatz 5 - pump room, A-4820 Bad Ischl

Orders can also be placed with us: Tel. No. 067761168967 , e-mail:

Price:  € 5.00

Hier gibt es das Buch:
Ischler Heimatverein, donnerstags 9 – 12 Uhr
Salzkammerguttouristik Götzstraße
Tourismusverband Trinkhalle
Buchhandlung Thalia, Pfarrgasse

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